EIBF2014: Adam Murphy and Neill Cameron

Towards the end of this year's Edinburgh International Book Festival I managed to grab some time with Neill Cameron and Adam Murphy. Adam had been on the first of two panels for IDP:2043 the previous night and both of them had just finished taking the second of two comics workshops. They were both fired up... Continue Reading →

EIBF2014: A chat with Samantha Ellis

At the weekend, Samantha Ellis took part in two events, one a reading workshop on The Hunger Games and the other a discussion with Rebecca Mead, the author of My Life in Middlemarch, on The Joys of Reading Too Much. The latter event was chaired by Lee Randall. I met Lee and Samantha on Sunday... Continue Reading →

EIBF Chapter 13: End and a Rainbow

Yes, the Book Festival has been over for a week, but revisiting those hectic days, I've one last interview for you. Garen Ewing is best known as the creator of the Julius Chancer series The Rainbow Orchid, originally published in three books by Egmont and collected last year into a single volume. However, I'd been... Continue Reading →

EIBF Chapter 12: Flippin’ Eck, it’s Gary

On Sunday afternoon, I managed to track down Gary Northfield who had just completed a six-hour workshop on how to draw cartoons. Gary - who describes himself as "Purveyor of Bog-eyed Loonies" - has been writing and drawing comics for yonks, and is probably best known for his daft characters - including Derek the Sheep, who... Continue Reading →

EIBF Chapter 9: Totally Nuts

As you will have noticed from the two brilliant posts from Rosa Marnie, the Stripped thread of EIBF is in full swing. I've steered away a little from the established names, such as Neil Gaiman, Bryan Talbot and Grant Morrison - all of whom I love, of course - as I wanted to talk about... Continue Reading →

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