Moose Kid: free, frenetic and funny

Just a very quick post to alert you to the launch of a new online comic curated by Jamie Smart. Moose Kid Comics is an experiment in online publishing to get kids reading proper comics again after the demise of the Dandy (which he worked for on Desperate Dan and Pre-Skool Prime Minister) left the Beano as the last kids’ humour comic standing.

It’s free to read online or download as a PDF (although at the time of writing there are some glitches in the PDF on some platforms) and it is properly, truly funny. It even features a bona fide, official Tank Girl prequel and a strip by the great Tom Paterson (of Calamity James and Sweeney Toddler fame). It’s framed by a daft story about wizards drawn in a Rupert-esque style by Neill Cameron.

This is an inspired venture that deserves support. Comics are the best way to get kids reading, and their slow decline should shame us all. Spread the word.

As Rob Davis says:

Normal coverage of text-only-book-people will continue once I’ve finished wiping up the tea I’ve spat over the keyboard reading Moose Kid.

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