Outlandishly good EIBF 2014 programme

This morning the line-up for the Edinburgh International Book Festival was announced. Having skimmed the 96 pages of the programme for highlights, I’ve found so many I think I’m going to have to do a series of posts to do them all justice, but here’s a few first impressions

The headline first-timers are Diana Gabaldon , George RR Martin and Haruki Murakami, all of whom have massive fanbases, which means their events are likely to sell out within minutes when tickets go on sale on the 24th June.

It’s good to see last year’s Stripped comics thread wasn’t a one-off, returning this year, and there are several other thematic bands: Voices from South Africa, The Empire Cafe, Words and War, Conversations with Ourselves, Babble On and Scotland’s Future. There’s also the Letters Home promenade theatre we mentioned a while back.

One author who’s not to be underestimated is Jack Monroe, aka a Girl Called Jack, who has a huge following having used her skills in making meals from almost nothing as a single mum to publish a recipe book.

The programme clearly went to press before last week, as there’s no mention of the fact that Eimear McBride won the Bailey’s this year and correspondingly will be quite a big pull.

The Archdrude of Wessex, Julian Cope, is another one of those people who doesn’t have a very high profile, but you might be surprised at the size of the sleeper cell of heads who will wake up and descend on Charlotte Square for his visit. It’s the launch of his Gnostic whodunit One Three One, (which is out next week) and I’m very much looking forward to it.

There are loads and loads of other people who deserve a mention, and I’ll get round to them over the next few weeks but, for now, I have to include a bit of errata Sarah McIntyre tweeted because she’s not keen on the photo they’ve used for her event with Philip Reeve.

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