John’s early criminal career

John Gordon Sinclair has a new crime book out on Thursday, Blood Whispers, and while there have been a few profiles recently in which everyone remembers to mention Gregory’s Girl, I’ve yet to see anyone note the fact that his film debut was in the very recently remastered and rereleased 1979 directorial debut of Gregory’s Girl and Local Hero creator Bill Forysth, That Sinking Feeling.

He doesn’t have a big part but it’s a brilliantly daft slice of 1970s Glasgow life, made on a shoestring* that deserves wider recognition. There are shades of the Children’s Film Foundation about it, but as good-natured heist films go, it’s definitely one worth seeking out: the “police chase”, for example, is a wee bit of genius.

It also features a funny cameo – I won’t spoil the gag, I promise but you can guess what it might be the moment he arrives – from Richard DeMarco.

*The dubbing of local accents into something American audiences could understand reputedly cost more than the original shoot. Luckily, both the original and dubbed soundtracks are on the new release.

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