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This is a blend of blogs: one I started many years ago as a hobby; the other, the less said the better for everyone. I'm still working out a way to rescue much of the former, an whether it's even worth it at all. For reasons well beyond my control, the original home of these... Continue Reading →

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Henning Mankell, 1948-2015

News yesterday that Henning Mankell had died aged 67 brought an unsurprisingly swift outpouring of tributes across media new and old (of which probably the best is Barry Forshaw's in The Independent). Best known as the creator of the detective Kurt Wallander — played by Rolf Lassgård and Kenneth Branagh respectively in the Swedish and... Continue Reading →

Iain M Banks, Special Circumstances

After attending the Ken MacLeod event at the EIBF about Iain Banks' poems last month and being inspired to reread the majestic Use of Weapons, I remembered that 15 years ago, back in August 2000, I got a chance to interview Iain for the Ottakar's house SF and fantasy fanzine, Outland, about his new Culture... Continue Reading →

EIBF 2015: Care Santos and Lucy Ribchester

The time dilation effect of Edinburgh becoming a centre of gravity for all things awesome for a few weeks is in full effect. It feels like weeks ago I watched Care Santos and Lucy Ribchester give their talk at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, but it was barely four days ago, on Wednesday. The chair... Continue Reading →

EIBF 2015: Bluebeard and dark deeds

Fairytales may be beautiful, but they are not nice. Never wish someone's romance a fairytale ending, unless you expect it to feature lots of blood and dismemberment. On Monday night, Marina Warner, an expert on folklore (and much else) was joined by rising star Kirsty Logan to talk about Logan's new collection of modern fairytales,... Continue Reading →

EIBF 2015: Poetry and other Cultures

Luke Wright, Will Burns, Mike Garry and Deanna Rodger Early on Saturday morning, those of us who had managed to get up in time had the treat of a gathering of poets as part of the this year's Edinburgh International Book Festival's Babble On thread, curated by the wonderful Luke Wright. The overarching theme was... Continue Reading →

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